MobileCoin FBAS Analysis

Nodes that are marked as inactive or are obviously misconfigured (induce one-node quorums) are filtered out prior to all analyses on this page. Splitting sets analyses are performed only on the FBAS core; only splitting sets that can cause at least one pair of core nodes to diverge are returned. For more analysis options check out our command-line tool.

Merge nodes by grouping (nodes by the same grouping will count as 1):
* These groupings are currently maintained manually and might be outdated.

In-depth analysis of one snapshot

Interactive analyses of the MobileCoin Federated Byzantine Agreement System (FBAS) using fbas_analyzer compiled to WebAssembly. The analyses are performed in your browser using crawl data downloaded on demand from our database. You can also trigger an analysis by clicking on the plot below.

Bulk analysis

The following plot depicts bulk analysis results based on data collected with our crawler. For each analyzed network snapshot, the plot shows the size of the top tier, the mean, minimum and maximum of all minimal blocking set sizes, and the mean, minimum and maximum of all minimal splitting set sizes.


This page was created by Charmaine Ndolo and Martin Florian. Both are part of Weizenbaum Research Group 17. A thorough description of our analysis methodology is available on arXiv. See also our report on MobileCoin and our site about the Stellar network.